2018 Bonafide Kayak SS127: Ultimate Fishability and Every Kayak Angler’s Dream

The Bonafide Kayak SS127 fishing kayak really lives up to all the hype. The SS127 delivers on every level: stability, paddling performance, and angler friendly features. I have been fishing on kayaks, even duck hunting, and this kayak is solid on the water’s surface. Designed for Ultimate Fishability™, the highly anticipated SS127 is a dream come true for the kayak angler. Bonafide Kayak’s HiRise™ seating system makes all the difference in angling performance. Plus, the SS127 is made in the USA. Can’t beat that.

So, the HiRise™ seat is awesome! It makes getting in and out of the kayak easy. It makes standing to cast and view your surroundings less taxing on your body. The comfortable HiRise™ seating has an ultra-high bass boat like position, and it removes pressure from the lower back by allowing you to sit with your knees bent to catch fish. You can also quickly lower the SeatRack™ positioning system to move into a traditional kayak paddling position. I paddled this baby out on her maiden voyage on Choctawhatchee Bay near my house. It was smooth paddling for the first 5 to 10 minutes or so, and when the chop kicked up, I was still able to navigate the SS127, easily. It’s incredible how the SS127 fends off the current.   

I love the Bonafide SS127’s design. The stability is unreal, especially considering its 33.5” width. It has a hybrid cat hull design, and a DryPod™ with transducer through-hull scupper. Take your dog or 3-year-old along for a paddle, and you’ll know how rock-solid stable the SS127 is. It features PerchPads™ for additional standing position on top of gunwales and deck traction pads. Stroke with the 12’ 7” long paddles and you’ll feel how accurate the SS127 tracks.  Stop paddling and the SS127 glides and goes the distance. For paddles that work well from the high seat position, I recommend something like the 250cm Bending Branches Anglers Ace or a Werner paddle – the 250cm Werner Shuna Hooked Paddle.

Now, let’s talk torque. The SS127 turns amazingly well in open water, and it will allow you to navigate tight spots. I am looking forward to getting out on skinnier water, soon. Putting the SS127 to the test on the open bay confirmed my confidence in how amazingly it handles.

Not only is the Bonafide SS127 a great paddling kayak, but let’s get real: for the angler, it’s about the fish. This is the best fishing kayak on the market. The SS127 has “fishability,” that feeling of confidence that anglers need to be able to move around and even stand up and fish. It’s having your gear at your fingertips but not in the way. It features a Boss Strap™ rod management system and multi-rod and paddle management points. The side carry handle with paddle storage makes it easy to maneuver your paddles. The SS127 gives you the ability to fish sunrise to sundown – experience long comfortable days on the water and have the efficiency of a maximum performance kayak for the ultimate kayak angling experience.

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Other features of the Bonafide SS127:

  • Bow hatch with Doubleheader™ hinges
  • Omni Hook™ stern tankwell tie-down system
  • Integrated Doubleheader hinge with DryPod™
  • Fat Grip™ bow handle w/ comfort insert
  • Fat Grip retractable stern handle w/comfort insert
  • YakAttack®Aluminum GearTrac™
  • Low Profile Deck Fittings
  • Sliding under seat Junk Drawer™